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UI/UX Designing

Website Design Process

Design Strategy Meeting


Client to share what they want on their website and send any text or images they have prepared

Pick a Wix template on Wix

Go through template and discuss any missing information Contractor will need from Client

* Non refundable deposit + tax must be paid in advance of 1st meeting.

* Pay for more time towards website design, for each milestone, in advance. 

* Read and sign agreement before getting started.

~1hr zoom call with client

Work Time


Work on website based off strategy meeting

  • Match site to your brand colors

  • Add your logo

  • Adjust pages as needed

  • Customize the "above the fold view" 

  • Add new photos that tell the story of your brand

  • Add About us paragraph

  • Add 3 Reviews

  • Link any other of your business accounts from provided URLs (Google business, Instagram, Facebook, DoorDash, etc)

  • Set up Contact Form

  • Contact Information- need address, phone number, hours & email

  • Set up footer

Send over link for client to view website and think about any edits

~5hr (Can be on Zoom)

Client to provide feedback


Design by Dutchess will go through your edits as fast as possible

Rinse and Repeat


Repeat step 2 and 3 as many times as needed

Make the website live


Add hosting plan, connect domain name, add to Google index

*Wait up too 72hrs for the domain to go live worldwide

If you ever need any further assistance with your website- I'll be happy to help!



  • Do you have a logo?

  • Have an idea of a possible structure to organize your business goals with your website

  • Gather any images you want on the site

  • About us paragraph

  • 3 Reviews

  • Want to link any other of your business accounts? Please provide the URL links (Google business, Instagram, Facebook, DoorDash, etc)

  • Contact Information- address, phone number, hours & email

Add On Features: Products & Services images, titles, descriptions and pricing

Enjoying Outdoor

See Our Work

Website Add Ons

Cost is based on time it takes for foundational set up, usually an 1hr per add on. PLUS the number of products or services offered (The more products, the more time it takes to set up) Everything is $80/hr.

E-commerce Store with Checkout
Need product titles, prices, images & descriptions

Menus with On-line Ordering
Need dishes, titles, prices, images & descriptions

Need blog title, content & image

Ticket Sales!

Need titles, prices, images & descriptions

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