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Which service are you interested in?
Full Build from Scratch
Old Site Migration & Redesign
Logo Design
Ongoing maintenance and support after the project is completed
Training on how to manage your website/content
Do you want a 1 page website or multiple pages with functions and features
1 Page website
Multiple pages
Which pages do you want to work on?
Are you interested in AI driven SEO services?
Tell me more about SEO
I dont need SEO
Please share your content status:
I have content and don't want it changed
I have some content and am open to change (using AI)
I have no content and need help (using AI)
Please share your media (photos/graphics/videos) status:
I have media and don't want it changed
I have some media and am open to edits and stock image
I have no media and need help
I understnad Design by Dutchess is a Wix expert and a logo designer. No 3rd party intergrations services or platforms? (e.g., social media, email marketing, CRM systems, legal zoom).
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