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  • What kind of work does Design by Dutchess specialize in?
    Logos: They can help you create a unique and memorable logo for your business that effectively communicates your brand's message. From selecting the right fonts, colors, and symbols to crafting a design that represents your business's identity, they have expertise in creating impactful logos. You can view their logo work examples here Print: Design by Dutchess can assist you with a wide range of print materials, such as business cards, flyers, advertising materials, invitations, decals, stickers, and more. They can create visually appealing and professionally designed print collateral that represents your brand effectively. You can check out their print work examples here Websites: Design by Dutchess specializes in creating websites using Wix, a popular website builder. They can design and develop responsive and visually appealing websites that align with your brand's aesthetics and functionality requirements. You can view their website work examples here With their expertise in design principles, attention to detail, and a commitment to understanding your business's unique needs, Design by Dutchess can create visually stunning designs that elevate your brand and help you make a memorable impression.
  • What makes me a Wix Expert?
    As a Wix Expert, I have spent over a decade building websites using Wix as my preferred platform. I gained extensive experience by creating websites for my entrepreneurial friends and developing my own portfolio site, honing my skills along the way. When the COVID-19 pandemic caused the coffee company I was designing for to shut down, I seized the opportunity to focus on building my own business, which had always been a dream of mine. In 2021, I decided to join the Wix partnership program to further enhance my expertise and help other entrepreneurs bring their dream websites to life. Through my partnership with Wix, I have gained access to valuable resources, training, and support, allowing me to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and advancements in the platform. As a result, I have reached the top partner level within the Wix partnership program as a Legend, showcasing my dedication and proficiency in working with Wix. I am committed to continuous learning and stay updated with Wix's new developments through webinars, ensuring that I am always equipped with the latest knowledge and expertise. With my entrepreneurial mindset, extensive experience, and recognition as a top-level partner, I am well-equipped to provide the best solutions to my clients and deliver exceptional results in building websites with Wix. Learn more about me here
  • How do we screenshare on Zoom?
    To facilitate screen sharing and review your website together, kindly install the Zoom app on your computer. This will enable us to collaborate effectively and provide you with the necessary guidance. Thank you! Please download the Zoom app here
  • Can I text you?
    For the most prompt response, please send a text message to 609-933-3334. I am here to assist you and will do my best to provide helpful information or guidance through this chat interface. Thank you!
  • What are the terms and conditions I agree to by paying?
    By remitting payment for your invoice, you are acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions outlined at
  • How does payment work?
    The payment structure entails an initial payment of 50% to commence the project and secure my availability. The remaining 50% is due upon approval and prior to the delivery of final files or the launch of the website.
  • What if I am paying hourly?
    To initiate the project, a deposit equivalent to 50% of the estimated cost is required. The remaining balance, based on the hourly rate, is due upon approval and prior to the receipt of files or the website going live.
  • How do I pay?
    We offer the convenience of credit card payments processed securely through our Wix online portal. Here is more information on Wix's Secure payment portal Upon request, we also accept payments via Zelle and Cash App for added flexibility and convenience.
  • What’s the turnaround time for a website?
    We strive to ensure client satisfaction throughout the website development process and aim for a typical 1-week turnaround time, barring additional rounds of edits.
  • What’s the process to build a website?
    1. Deposit and Vision Alignment: Client submits deposit to initiate the project. Client and Designer collaborate to align on the vision for the website, including goals, navigation, design, etc. 2. Design and Iteration: Designer builds the website and delivers the first draft within 72 hours. Client reviews the first draft and provides feedback for any desired edits. Designer incorporates client feedback and provides updated drafts for review. Please allow 24 hours for each round of edits. Up to 3 rounds of edits are included in the typical 1-week turnaround time. Additional rounds may extend the timeline. 3. Client Approval and Final Payment: Once the website design is approved by the client, final payment is due. A meeting is scheduled to make the website go live, including connecting the domain name and configuring with Google, etc. Please allow 72 hours for the website to go live worldwide once the domain name is connected.
  • Can I see some website examples?
    You can find examples of my website designs here. I specialize in creating websites for 5 main categories: Service Corporate Medical & Wellness Ecommerce Rentals & Agents Each website is carefully crafted to reflect your business model and brand, resulting in a unique and personalized online presence.
  • Will my website be mobile friendly?
  • Are the hosting and domain name cost included?
    No. Hosting costs about $200/year on Wix. See more info here The cost of a domain name is typically around $20 per year and can be purchased from various providers such as Wix, NameCheap, and GoDaddy, which are popular options.
  • Before starting the website design process, what information should I gather?
    Before starting the website design process, it's important to gather the following information: Purpose of the website: Clearly define the objective of your website. Is it for showcasing your portfolio, selling products/services, sharing information, or something else? Elevator pitch: Prepare a concise and compelling statement that summarizes your business or brand's unique value proposition. Services/products: List the services/products you are offering, including their names, descriptions, prices, and availability. Logo/brand colors: If you have a logo and established brand colors, provide them to ensure consistent branding throughout the website. About paragraph and picture: Share a brief about paragraph and a high-quality picture to introduce yourself or your business to website visitors. Contact info: Include relevant contact information, such as phone number, email address, and physical address, to make it easy for visitors to get in touch with you. Additional content: If desired, provide any additional content such as blogs, FAQs, testimonials, or other specific information you would like to include on your website. By having these details ready, you can streamline the website design process and ensure that your website accurately reflects your business or brand.
  • What do I get?
    Once your website is completed, you will be granted access to the backend, if you don't already have it. This allows you to manage and update your website's content, images, and other elements on your own. Once you have provided your approval, the website will be made live and accessible to visitors on the internet.
  • What is Wix?
    Wix is a free, user-friendly website building platform with intuitive technology and powerful built-in features. Create professional websites with ease that look stunning on any device. Compared to other platforms like Wordpress and Square, Wix's user-friendly interface makes it my top choice.
  • Which SEO components are covered?
    When building a Wix website from scratch, Design by Dutchess takes care of the Wix SEO checklist to ensure your site is searchable on Google. This includes writing the meta description, page title tag, and URL slug. Additionally, we offer an ongoing SEO package called "Strategic Design & SEO Solution" (Package 3). It provides a comprehensive website design and an ongoing SEO partnership. With this package, you'll receive monthly SEO services that leverage AI technology to enhance your search engine visibility. Our services include regular website updates, optimizations, and strategic SEO planning. The pricing for this package is based on a monthly retainer, tailored to meet your specific needs as a client.
  • What is the process to design a logo?
    Here are the 3 steps for designing a logo from concept to completion: 1. Deposit and Client Input: Client pays the deposit to initiate the logo design process. Client and Designer schedule a call or Zoom meeting to gather client input, including any drawings or inspirational images that the client wants to incorporate into the logo. 2. First Draft and Edits: Design by Dutchess delivers the first draft of the logo design concept(s) within 72 hours. Client reviews the design and provides feedback for any desired revisions. Design by Dutchess incorporates the revisions and sends the updated design within 24 hours for each round of edits requested by the client. 3. Approval and Final Payment: Client approves the final logo design and makes the final payment. Design by Dutchess sends over the final files of the logo in the required formats, completing the logo design process. This ensures that the client is actively involved in the design process and has the opportunity to provide feedback and revisions until they are satisfied with the final logo design.
  • What’s the turnaround time for a logo?
    The turnaround time for a logo design varies depending on the strategic creative process and the unique needs and budget of each project. Designing a thoughtful logo is not constrained by a linear timeline and can take a day or several weeks. After the initial briefing between you and Design by Dutchess, the first round of logo concepts can be expected within 72 hours. Please allow 24 hours for each round of client edits, as Design by Dutchess values your input and ensures that your feedback is incorporated into the logo design process.
  • What do I get?
    The logo pack includes comprehensive files for your logo, providing you with everything you need for versatile usage: JPEGs for general digital and print purposes PNGs with transparent backgrounds for seamless integration Design File (.ai) in Adobe Illustrator format for scalability and customization In addition to the logo pack, Design by Dutchess also offers add-ons such as brand strategy, brand guidelines, and social media profile design to further enhance your branding and ensure a cohesive and impactful visual presence across various platforms.
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